Mark Demarest

ABRA National Unlimited


Aggregate of  193.66

Bristol VA 2019

Ricky Haley

ABRA National

Factory Champion

Aggregate of  186.33

Bristol VA 2019

Les Williams

ABRA National Outlaw Heavy Champion

Aggregate of  197.16

Bristol VA 2019

Luke Carroll

ABRA National Outlaw Lite Champion

Aggregate of  195.33

Bristol VA 2019

If you would like to know more about bench rest 22's click on the link below, it is a great article from Field and

There is a lot of useful information.

ABRA Outlaw Class


  Any Semi-automatic rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridges may be used. The gun also needs to be able to function in a semi-auto fashion at all times, and all cartridges must be fed from a magazine into the guns chamber


Factory rifle barrel with factory markings must be used for its model, and no diameter more than .750, at the end of the barrel and without alteration. However, it may be re-crowned and re-chambered. If barrel has a front sight, it must be retained. Rear sight may be taken off to make room for scope.

2019 starts our 5th year for ABRA. We are growing more and more every year, to continue this growth ABRA will be adding two Outlaw Classes. Heavy Barrel Bolt Gun and Lite Barrel Bolt Gun.
Heavy Barrel Bolt Gun will be from .850 and up, tuners one piece or two piece rest, no scope limitations.
Lite Barrel Bolt Gun will be .849 and down, no tuners allowed, one piece or two piece rest no scope limitations.

We would like to invite everybody to the ABRA family come and join us in 2019.

(We are always looking for Match Directors)